Lion ethics

  • To prove one selves with the providing of help, hard work and exemplary deeds.

  • To strive for success, fair pay and profit, without the threatening of ones honour, and dignity through false actions.

  • To acknowledge the fact, that in our work we must not harm the work of others, hat we must be fair to everyone and sincere to ourselves.

  • To unselfishly address the doubts and demands of others and, if necessary, resolve them in disregard of the own benefit.

  • To acknowledge the fact, that friendship is the goal, not the means and that real friendship doesn’t exists for benefit, but for spiritual gain, that derives from it.

  • To fulfil our citizen’s duty toward our homeland, state and the community we live in, faithfully express our feelings, execute actions and perform our work, as well as contribute time and money.

  • To be considerate to the fellow man, provide help for the weaker one, care for the affected and attention for the suffering.

  • To be reserved with our criticism, generous with our praise and constantly directing our efforts into building, not destroying.

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