Our actions

We collect the means to provide help through different activities:

  • the contributions of the club members,
  • the organisation of the yearly charity Lions ball,
  • the participation at collections of funds at the Lions charity Christmas stand in Ljubljana,
  • the help of various donators,
  • the organisation of other occasional charity actions.

In more than 19 years of it’s existence the Lions Club Ljubljana collected and dispensed financial help of more than 282.000 €:

  • more than 16.000 € were spent for the blind and partially sighted,
  • almost 32.000 € were spent for the prevention and treatment of addiction,
  • 58.000 € were spent to help children with disturbances in physical and mental development,
  • over 25.000 € went to families, affected by floods,
  • 25.000 € were spent for children’s holidays and their free time activities,
  • 12.000 € were spent for the paediatric clinic and other health institutions for the acquisition of medical instruments and equipment,
  • we have donated 5.000 €. in cooperation with Red Cross Slovenia.
  • the help for refugees reached almost 5.000 €,
  • we helped individuals in total of 4.500 €.
The donations from foreign Lions clubs, organised by our club, exceeded 500.000 €.

We have donated a 24.000 euros worthy van

24.000 euros worth van ...

24.000 euros worth van ...

... was donated by Lions Club Ljubljana.

... was donated by Lions Club Ljubljana.

Lions Club Ljubljana has successfully concluded charity action selling The Beautiful Slovenia Calendar.

We have sold over 6000 copies in cooperation with Centre for training, work and care Dolfka Bostjancic. With collected funds we were able to buy 24.000 euros worth Volkswagen van which will be a tremendous help in transportation of children with special needs.

This charity action was suggested by well known Slovene photographer and member of our Lions Club Ljubljana, Mr Joco Znidarsic: »The idea was to create something that will enable us to collect funds but at the same time it will promote also the work of children with special needs from Centre for training, work and care Dolfka Bostjancic.« The Calendar was designed by Mr Miljenko Licul, well known Slovene designer that recently passed away.

Mr Boris Znidaric, the governor of District 129 Slovenia also attended this event and has honoured Mr Joco Znidarsic with special Lions flag.

Fill the child's hand, it is small!

Lions Club Ljubljana - Beautiful Slovenia Calendar January 2009

Lions Club Ljubljana - Beautiful Slovenia Calendar January 2009

Lions Club Ljubljana - Beautiful Slovenia Calendar August 2009

Lions Club Ljubljana - Beautiful Slovenia Calendar August 2009

This is the ancient Chinese saying. People with special needs remains children for the whole of their life and it seems that their hand is not getting any bigger. Only the amount of money for their activities stays the same ��" small.

We are inviting you to help us collect funds for children from Dolfka Bostjancic Centre.
For that occasion our Lions Club Ljubljana, has prepared calendar »Beautiful Slovenia« based on the idea of our master of photography Joco Znidarsic and in cooperation with well known designer Miljenko Licul.  Talented children with special needs drew remarkable sights of our country, Joco Znidarsic added his own photographic experiences of the same places. To bring these drawings and photographs face to face within the calendar is a specific well-meaning artistic and humanitarian challenge.

The calendar is also necessary support in our dynamic time. If it is also interesting and useful than the stake is going to be double paid. It will remind you of your good work the whole year.

The Calendar:
26 pages, full colour, format 30 x 42 cm (open format 60 x 42 cm), the possibility of printing logotype on the bottom area of 42 x 4,5 cm.

Secure your copies of Beautiful Slovenia Calendar

Thanks to our donators

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